Cest Moi

Hello, pleasure to meet you.

My name is Paul

I have been self employed as a visual artist in one form or another my entire life. I was not born knowing how to do any of this. Every new medium or chapter in my career came with a struggle and a steep learning curve. Watercolour painting being one of the hardest. I am pretty sure while learning I did everything, I mean EVERYTHING wrong at least once. In my classes I share what I have learned over one and half decades of trying to figure this out.

Prior to the pandemic I successfully taught hundreds of people how to paint in watercolour with in person classes. Most of those people had never picked up a paint brush before.

I spent the past 3 years learning everything I need to know to transition these classes to an online format. Again, it was a steep learning curve but as I tell my students. "Nothing is impossible, some things are just really f'ing hard"

My first watercolour painting.

Some how between the time of the old masters and now, people decided that art was for the most part magic, you either had it or you did not. That is just simply not the case, if you have the will to learn you can do this.

This owl is one of my first watercolour paintings. Me starting without any idea what so ever. It seems like a lifetime ago, had I had the opportunity to take classes like the ones I have made for you, it no doubt would have been a MUCH easier journey.